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About me

Born in The Netherlands in 1964. I turned out to be the best in my class in drawing. To avoid 'real' jobs, I clung to this talent. Art lessons at the secondary school and four years at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, were the only education moments on the way to my goal: being an independant cartoonist. From 1991 on I worked for several - mostly regional - Dutch daily's: Haagsche Courant, Leidsch Dagblad, Haarlems Dagblad, Haarlemmermeers Dagblad, Almere Vandaag and Almere Dichtbij.

International cartoons are drawn for the organisations Joop, Cartoon Movement,  Cartooning for Peace and appear often on France24. I perform live stand-up cartooning (in English, German and Dutch) during meetings and seminars. In corona times also via Zoom and Teams. Same goes for my workshop Cartooning. In my career I have made illustrations for several children's Books . Enjoy my comic friends Cuzz & Buzz   For contact please mail or call me.